Cacao (カカオ Kakao?) is a character debuting and currently exclusive to the Nekopara anime series. She was found as a stray by Chocola, and was eventually adopted by Kashou and Shigure as the newest member of the Minaduki catgirls. There is currently no news stating that she will appear in any other media.

She is voiced by Yuuka Morishima.


Cacao has mint-colored short hair that hangs freely, not held up ribbons or bows like the rest of the girls. Being the youngest of catgirls, she is also the shortest, going up to Chocola's middle.

Cacao is rarely seen without her signature hat, which is tan and brown, alongside room for her ears. She wears a white blouse, underneath a pair of overall shorts; decorated with orange bows, a pink heart-shaped pin, and an orange ribbon tied into a bow, acting as a belt.


From her debut in the anime, Cacao behaves very much like a newborn child; hardly acting or reacting with any emotion. Cacao rarely speaks, and when she does, it's typically short words or sentences. Despite these things, she seems to care fondly for the Minaduki family; with an especially close bond to Chocola.


As of the anime now, little to nothing is known about Cacao's history. She was found and taken in by Chocola as a stray; the latter feeling sorry for the former's situation.


  • Cacao's name is derived from the Cacao seed, in which cacao powder and chocolate is made. This could possibly be a reference to the closeness Cacao has to Chocola.
    • However, in the anime, Cacao was named off of Cacao Cake, in which the former consumed, and enjoyed greatly.


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