Chiyo is a young girl who first appears in Episode 05 of the Nekopara Anime. She first encounters Cacao after she gets lost trying to help advertise La Soleil.


Chiyo is a very young girl with black hair and green eyes. Her current outfit consists of a purple dress with a pink ribbon on the collar, with an over-the-shoulder cat-themed bag with white ankle-socks and red Mary Jane shoes. Her hair is braided at the back decorated with two small gold bells, and wears a hair clip in the shape of a shooting star.


Chiyo's shooting star hair clip.

When she was younger, she wore a yellow dress with black leggings and red Mary Jane shoes, and had her hair tied into pigtails with pink bows.


Chiyo appeared to be a very kind girl, as she was able to calm a nervous Cacao by offering her food - even offering her the choice between the head or tail end of a taiyaki she shared - and went out of her way to help her find her way home. Likely due to her upbringing living with a catgirl, she expressed an open fondness of catgirls when encountering Cacao.

Chiyo has also shown displays of keen observation and resourcefulness, knowing first-hand to take strays to the police station; however when it was vacant, she asked around passersby whether they'd heard of any lost cats. She was able to determine that Cacao's home was a patisserie after only seeing her stare at one, and was able to safely get her home after the patisserie's business card fell out of Cacao's hat.



Chiyo being found by the family's catgirl after she gets lost.

Chiyo reveals to Cacao that she once lived with an unnamed catgirl at her grandmother's house, and the two seemed to be particularly close. However Chiyo and her family had to relocate due to her father's work, leaving her behind. Devastated at the news, Chiyo ran away refusing to accept it, and ultimately got lost. She was soon found by the family's catgirl, and they went home together.

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