"No matter what happens, Chocola will always be there with master."
– Chocola, NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - Chapter 4

Chocola (ショコラ Shokora?) is Vanilla's twin sister, and together they make up the youngest catgirls in the Minaduki Family. The pair of them were found as strays on the side of the road by the Minadukis. A few days after being adopted, they developed crippling illnesses due to refusing to eat, but recovered after being taken to a clinic - Chocola fell in love with Kashou at this point as he stayed and comforted them when they were sick and unable to move.

When they learn about Kashou's plan to move away from the household, she and Vanilla stow away themselves in two boxes that were mailed to the shop so that they can reunite with him, much to Kashou's dismay. Chocola later became a maid at La Soleli and later Kashou's domestic partner. She continues to love Kashou while helping his dream flourish.

Chocola is a cheerful and energetic brown haired Neko. She is very fond of Kashou, and calls him "master". She could not bear the thought of being separated from her master, so she came along with him when he moved to his new shop. She is Vanilla's twin sister.


Chocola has long brunette hair in two twintails with two small ribbons a top her head, matching her red and white dress, with stockings and pink shoes, brighter than the other colors she wears.

She receives a silver colored Bell although it is not mentioned what corresponding rank or status comes with the color a catgirl obtains after taking her bell exam.


Chocola is a cheerful and energetic catgirl as Kashou himself describes her, 'happy-go-lucky'. She doesn't usually get upset, and even when she does, she often swings back to being as cheery as usual, though occasionally she can be genuinely sad about something. She is curious, and has a childlike outlook on things, which is fitting as she and Vanilla are mentioned to be only 9 months old in human terms.


Early lifeEdit

Chocola, together with her twin Vanilla, were found by Kashou and Shigure abandoned at the side of the road as young catgirls. The two Minadukis decided to adopt and bring them home. At first, she and Vanilla were scared due to the fact that they were surrounded by unfamiliar faces. They were unable to eat and a few days later, reached a point that they'd only drink some water and still, haven't touched their food. Due to the combination of malnourishment and cold weather, they both developed crippling illness. Eventually they were in a lot of pain and unable to move at all. Kashou was by their side to comfort their pain. His presence made Chocola to develop an attraction and affection for him. When morning finally arrived, Kashou brought them to the hospital and never left their company. The girls then developed their trust towards others and made them more acquainted with the rest of the Minaduki household. They eventually recovered and since then, Chocola started "loving" her master Kashou.

Nekopara Vol. 0Edit

Before the events of Nekopara Vol. 1, Chocola had always a close relationship with Kashou. She always looks forward to spend time with him. But just lately, Kashou hasn't been spending much time at the household.

Just the sound of the front door makes her excited and enthusiastic about the fact that Kashou has finally returned..

Nekopara Vol. 1Edit

Upon hearing the news that Kashou has moved away from home, Chocola can't bear to stay separated from him. She sets herself up by stowing inside cardboard boxes so she could follow him, with Vanilla tagging along with her as well. Soon after their boxes are delivered to Kashou's pâtisserie, Chocola reveals herself. She persists on staying with him but Kashou repeatedly resists. This causes Chocola to worry, but later on Kashou decides to allow her to stay. Very happy that she be able to stay together with Kashou again, she accepts her new life living alongside with him at his new home.

Chocola and Vanilla become his maids at La Soleil. She shows off her dress suggested by Vanilla to Kashou. Later, she visits the cat store with Kashou, where she and Vanilla get engrossed with a nearby cat toy that tires her out. Then, she heads to the drug store per Vanilla's request, where she aimlessly browses a selection of household medicine and ponders over small time sicknesses. Later that afternoon, they return to the bakery where Chocola practices her maid gestures. She and Vanilla later eavesdrop in the kitchen and act jumpy over Kashou's recent culinary dessert which she and Vanilla get a taste of. Then, she gets excited and urges to make more of the same dessert herself, but spills the ingredients onto herself and Vanilla, leaving them in a mess. So she takes a bath with Kashou to be cleaned up.

The following night, Chocola fell asleep on the couch. She is helped up by Kashou while she's slumbering and taken to her room.

The next day, the shop finally opens and Chocola excitedly waits for the first customer to come in. Soon after seeing the first customer come in, she frantically tries to serve the customer, but Kashou pulls her away to prevent her from bothering them further. While Kashou talks to the customer, she immediately realizes Shigure's scent, which blows her cover. Afterwards, the rest of the Catgirls comes in and Chocola and Vanilla have a reunion upon moving away from their homes. They even had their usual brief fight; Chocola tries to effortlessly stop it along with Cinnamon.

The next day, Chocola works hard as a waitress, serving customers around the shop and checking back with Kashou. At break, Kashou rewards Chocola with a cheesecake specially made by him. She takes a bite out of it and became extremely delighted with the flavor. Kashou asks in return that she study hard for the bell test. Chocola energetically agrees that she'll work hard to earn her bell.

Several days later, Chocola and Vanilla begin their independence training with Shigure. She brings in Azuki and Coconut to have them demonstrate their independence, but the two fail to show etiquette, much to everyone's dismay. So Shigure brings Maple and Cinnamon, to have them tutor Chocola and Vanilla respectively. Chocola was assigned to Maple where she shows her how mobile phones work.

The following night, Chocola and Vanilla practices on becoming refined and responsible catgirls by themselves. They head over to Kashou, who asks him to test their ability as independent catgirls. So Kashou gave them a few tests, but both of them ultimately fail to show independence. In spite of their setbacks, Chocola was able to receive her bell.

When Kashou noted the shop's supplies are running out, Chocola and Vanilla decided to accompany him with the trip. The trio takes a break at the park and Chocola and Kashou take a seat while Vanilla goes out to buy some drinks. Chocola and Vanilla reminisced the day back then when Kashou moved away from the family. But Chocola states to him that she'll always be there for him no matter what. Moved by her compassion, Kashou returns her feelings in the same manner. Chocola became flustered by Kashou's response and started to feel nervous. After a brief awkward moment, Vanilla returns and unexpectedly ruins the moment.

Back at La Soleil, Vanilla asks Chocola to give an invoice to Kashou. Though she is a bit distracted, she heads straight into the kitchen and gives the invoice to him. Kashou says he'll look at it later so Chocola decides to leave it in a usual place. As Chocola tries to leave, she thoughtlessly swoons over to Kashou and leans on his back. She caresses his body with her face, sniffing and breathing on him. Kashou, confused with the situation, nervously tries to call out to Chocola. Upon coming to her senses, she becomes frantically surprised why she was stuck to Kashou. Kashou tries explaining it was her alone who was doing it, though she tries remaining oblivious to the fact. She leaves the kitchen, attempting to avoid the situation.

Outside the kitchen, Chocola is feeling more distracted than last time. Vanilla asks if something is wrong with her; she replies with the fact that she thinks the day is getting hotter. Chocola then notices some of the shop's stocks are low and she goes to Kashou to remind him about it. Upon approaching him in the kitchen, she somewhat forgot what she was supposed to do. Kashou, noticing she isn't acting herself, decides to check if she has any sickness by touching her. Chocola becomes flustered upon being felt by him. Then she suddenly caresses him again, sniffing and rubbing her face against his upper chest. Quickly, she comes to her senses and becomes embarrassed. Vanilla comes in to check on Chocola and remind of her errand. From Vanilla's intervention, Chocola quickly remembers her task and nervously tries to pass onto retrieving more of the stocks. While fetching, Chocola overhears a conversation between Kashou and Vanilla and thinks she isn't herself. When she comes to the pair to assure she's fine, Kashou orders Vanilla to take Chocola to her room.

As Chocola is confined in her room for her own good, she begins caressing herself until Kashou comes in to check on her. He tells her that he considers taking her to a clinic, but Chocola changes the subject by querying about the bakery's business. Kashou replies that he closed early just so that he could look after her and take her to the clinic. He tries to help up Chocola, but she ends up becoming aroused. Vanilla then comes in, and notices Chocola is in heat. Kashou realized she means "mating season," an information that he overlooked about catgirls. Chocola tells Kashou that she really loves Master [Kashou] since he was praising and taking care of her. She admits that she's in heat, but more importantly, she really loves him. Warmed by her words, Kashou professes his love back to her. The two engage in intercourse.

After that, Chocola is put to asleep peacefully after showing her love to Kashou.

The next day, Chocola goes to run some delivery jobs, and even giving a kiss to Kashou on the cheek at one point, much to his embarrassment. Later, she is asked to watch the store a bit. That evening, she asks to be pet by Kashou for her hard work. She then goes to take out the trash. After taking out the trash and informing Kashou, Vanilla redirects her to wipe the tabletops. Without a thought, she runs off to manage the task. She later comes back, apparently hearing that Vanilla is aroused by Kashou. She decides to aggravate Vanilla's condition by touching her all over her body, playfully teasing her as Vanilla keeps denying her own truthful feelings. Chocola gives Kashou the heads up that it is okay to what he did with her to Vanilla since she's in heat. Chocola accompanies Kashou to relieve of Vanilla's heat.

Afterwards, Chocola sleeps together with Kashou and Vanilla in his room.

The next morning, while Kashou and Shigure have a conversation about Chocola and Vanilla's heat, Chocola remarks that Shigure once told her and Vanilla into believing that being in heat is dangerous, leading to Kashou believing that Shigure lied to them about the heat condition. Chocola then later dresses up for work in her maid outfit and prepares the shop for opening for Kashou.

Later, Chocola, Kashou, and Vanilla visit the amusement park to have a date. They rode roller coasters, take pictures, and visit the aquarium. Chocola is excited that she gets to spend more time with Kashou.

The following night, Chocola took a brief nap along with Vanilla. They later wake up, noticing Kashou in front of them. Chocola heartfully thanks him for the date at the amusement park as she had fun spending time with Kashou. Then, Chocola started to show signs of intimacy towards Kashou. Kashou thinks she might be in heat again, but Chocola and Vanilla explains to him that they just love him so much, that they just want to do it with him.

So, Kashou complies with their request and Chocola and Vanilla engage in a threesome.

After that, Chocola and Vanilla sleep together with Kashou once more again.

The following morning, Chocola hears news that Kashou became ill and went to check on him. After Shigure convinces him to get some rest, she leaves Chocola and Vanilla in their care as she leaves. Chocola and Vanilla check up on and tries in their own power to help Kashou in anyway they can. However he seems calm under pressure despite being sick. The catgirls started to worry as they cannot fully understand the situation. But they try to assure they can be at least be there for him, to Kashou's content.

The following night, Kashou's condition becomes worse. Thinking on how they should, Chocola noted they can ask a doctor at the clinic at the Drug Store to tend to Kashou's condition. So the catgirls head out to town in the night to find the clinic, but discovers that the store is closed to their dismay. As they ponder on what to do, a policewoman approaches them, who noted that they aren't wearing their bells. The two then realized they aren't wearing them and replied that they left it at home. Though she understood, the policewoman then asked the two to come with her for a quick ID check. But the two denied, trying to verify they are independent catgirls and Chocola frantically pleads she wants to help make Kashou feel better. However, the policewoman calmly dissuaded all their claims, still intending to take them in.

But then, Kashou arrives in time to find them, much to their surprise. Chocola told him that she couldn't bear to see him in pain any longer so she tried to do something. The two then cried for worrying Kashou, but he apologizes to the two of them, saying he understands they were only trying to help. Chocola and Vanilla were relieved to hear his gratitude.

With everyone content, the trio heads back home...

As another day of La Soleli arrived, Chocola and Vanilla discover Shigure and the family catgirls at the store front where they come up with the idea of becoming waitstaffs alongside Kashou. Happy to see them again, they agree to let them join the team. In the end, all the girls celebrate with each other now that everyone are together again and as waitstaffs of La Soleli, much to Kashou's perplexion.

Nekopara Vol. 2 Edit

Chocola is one of the working waitstaff of La Soleli. She's a cheerful hardworker always smiling and happy to work alongside with her fellow Catgirls.

Lately, Chocola notices Kashou, her Catpanion, has been paying more attention to the other catgirls more than her and Vanilla. So she comes up to Kashou and asks that he spend more time with her and Vanilla. So Kashou agrees to give them more attention.

Later, Chocola and Vanilla help themselves into the bathroom while Kashou takes a bath. Then they sleep together with Kashou.

The next day, Shigure comes to the shop to inform that Chocola and Vanilla needs to get their bells renewed by retaking the bell exam. But Chocola protests the circumstances. Nevertheless, Shigure and Vanilla drag her away to take the re-examination for her own good, much to her misfortune. For the next few days, Chocola was forced to get ready for the bell renewal examination. When she finally finished, she, Vanilla, and Shigure return to the bakery with her proudly renewed bell.

The next day, Chocola and Vanilla continue working then visits the kitchen. They later see Coconut and Azuki getting along well with Kashou. They come up with the idea of bringing them together with him so that they can be with Kashou. The two expresses their concerns and become placed into a conundrum. Seeing how they really feel about Kashou, they highly support the idea of making the two Kashou's catpanions, much to their flattery.

After another day working, Chocola and Vanilla requested if they like to go shopping online as a celebration for their renewed bells. Kashou agrees to let them shop online, but frequently moderates them to keep them from buying anything too expensive.

The next day, Chocola comes into the kitchen and sees Kashou petting Coconut. So she cuts in to have him pet her too. Then she stops everything, saying that she wants to take a closer look at Coconut. Upon inspection, she concludes that Kashou has been eyeing on Coconut the entire time. Then she starts to get a feeling that both of them are feeling aroused, but Kashou shuts her up.

The following night, Chocola comes up to Kashou that she's been feeling frustrated since he has been around the other catgirls more than her. So she starts making advances on him, orally kissing each other and they both indulge in the moment. <MISSING>

Steam Related MerchandiseEdit

Chocola NEKOPARA Vol 1 Card 3
Chocola1 NEKOPARA Vol 1 Foil 3
Name: Chocola
Game: Nekopara Vol. 1
Series: 1
Card Number: 3 of 8
Description: -

Chocola NEKOPARA Vol 1 Artwork 3


  • Chocola's name is a pun on the word "chocolate".
  • Chocola typically expresses herself in third person.
  • In Chocola's earlier designs prior to Nekopara, her hair was depicted in darker colors - often black.
  • Chocola's and Vanilla's cat breeds were unknown until the release of the Nekopara OVA website, where they were confirmed to be mixed breeds.
  • Chocola's voice actress, Himari, has appeared in many other visual novels.