Fraise (フレーズ Furēzu?) is a character in the Nekopara series. She first made her debut in Nekoparaiten.[citation needed] She was later confirmed to make an appearance in Nekopara Vol. 4.[citation needed] Her breed is a Chinchilla Persian.

She is voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto.


Fraise is a beautiful young catgirl with curly pink hair, pink ears, green eyes and a pink tail. She usually is seen in her La Soleil waitress uniform with black stockings and knee-high laced pink boots.


A talented young catgirl, but has little experience with social interaction. As such, she is very shy and not confident in her ingenuity. She is kind and puts her trust into others.


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  • Fraise's name is based on fraise, the french word for strawberry.


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