"...If you think about, as their owner and as a man, I guess I'm really lucky, huh."
– Kashou Minaduki, NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - Chapter 5

Kashou Minaduki (水無月 嘉祥 Minaduki Kashou?) is the protagonist of the Nekopara series and older brother of Shigure.

At the beginning of the series, he moves away from home without telling anyone and opens a bakery called La Soleil. When he first moves into the bakery, Kashou discovers that two of the family catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, followed him to the bakery by stowing themselves away in boxes.

His parents are seldom mentioned, though it is implied he has a strained relationship with them while maintaining a friendly relationship with Shigure.

Appearance Edit

In the Visual Novels, Kashou is almost exclusively hidden from view. In his few appearances he has been shown to have brown hair with bangs on the sides of his face. He also appears to be a young adult in his late teens to the early 20s.

He wears a white buttoned shirt with a neko shirt underneath and black jeans as his normal wear. When he's actively working at La Soleil, he wears a chef uniform.

Personality Edit

Kashou has been shown to be very easy going, willing to lend an ear to any of the nekos when they're feeling insecure or depressed and doing anything he can to help (which often ends up winning their affection); this habit of his has been pointed out by Maple as "being nosy". Despite this, he's also been noted to be very dense, as he seems incapable of taking subtle hints and having to be told directly about what's on their mind, often making them embarrassed.

He's also been shown to be very independent, moving out of his home of his own accord to run a bakery, buying all of the supplies he needed for it and going shopping for supplies on his days off. He takes pride in his skills as a baker, constantly looking for ideas for new cakes to bake and techniques to utilize. He explains that he took up baking to see people smile because of his creations, contrasting to his parents' wishes to carry on the family tradition.

He's not very good with technology, leaving the operation of the blog advertising La Soleil (and the resident catgirls) to Shigure.

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Kashou comes from a long family line of traditional Japanese chefs. He spends most of the time cooking western confections in hopes of becoming an accomplished chef but has an estranged relationship with his parents due to this. Despite this, he cares for his little sister, Shigure, and has a well-acquainted relationship with the family's owned Nekos, especially with Chocola and Vanilla.

Nekopara Vol. 1Edit

Kashou decided to move away from his family to start his own patisserie shop in the city. He sets up on a small shop/apartment called La Soleil, sporting western-style flairs. While getting to unpack his boxes of cargo, he discovers two unfamiliar boxes in the open. He is then surprised to find out that Chocola and Vanilla, two of his family's Nekos, followed him by stowing away in the boxes. As a result, the two girls are staying by his side.

Kashou was reluctant at first, thinking that they shouldn't get involved. He tried to resist Chocola and Vanilla's wishes of staying with him. But as he tried to be repulsive, he started to regret his own actions. In the end, knowing how close Chocola and Vanilla were since when they were younger, Kashou decided to let them stay with him.

So Kashou decided to keep Chocola and Vanilla by his side. He made the two his maid employees at the shop. Later, he and the Catgirls went to a local cat shop to find anything relating to raising catgirls; while leaving Chocola and Vanilla doing typical cat instinctual activity. Exiting the store, Kashou was requested by Vanilla to visit the drug store in town and Kashou nonchalantly accepts in slight suspicion. While he and Chocola browse around the drug store, they find that Vanilla is gone. But Chocola later finds her by following her scent.

Returning to the bakery, the three are preparing for the shop's grand opening. The girls work on thinking of a good impression for themselves while Kashou practices his patisserie techniques in the kitchen. Chocola and Vanilla arrive engrossed with the dessert he was making. So Kashou gave the two a sample of his dessert. Feeling the urge for more, the catgirls tried to cook more for themselves, but the two ended up making a mess onto themselves.

So Kashou gave Chocola and Vanilla a bath to get them washed up. While cleaning, he gets a tip from Chocola that it's been awhile since he bathed with her and Vanilla. Kashou begins to think back how he bathed with them since they were young. Then he started thinking of treating the two being like his 'daughters' but tried to dismiss it. Even though, he thought to himself that he's still good at taking care of others. After the shower, he noticed Chocola and Vanilla fell asleep and carried them off to bed.

The next day, the shop finally opens but no customer has come in a few minutes prior to opening, much to Kashou's disappointment. But after a few moments, a customer finally comes in. He comes up to personally greet them but notices that the customer is Shigure, who appears to have disguised herself but Kashou quickly sees through it despite her dissuasions. Afterwards, all the other catgirls in his family come in and Kashou is surprised of how everyone knew where to find him and his shop. He later realizes at the moment when Vanilla was briefly gone back at the drug store. She explained to him that it was a deal from Shigure for allowing her and Chocola to be stowed away in Kashou's boxes. Though he was quite annoyed how Shigure wanted to see him badly, he can't shake the fact she's his passionate little sister.

Aside from the reunion, Shigure informs Kashou that he needs bells for Chocola and Vanilla before they start working as proper employees in the shop. He is then shown by the rest of Shigure's catgirls explaining about the bell representing their status of independence. Acknowledging, Kashou agrees to assist earning bells for Chocola and Vanilla. Afterwards, the entire visiting family buys the entire shop's desserts as part of their reunion celebration, much to Kashou's surprise.

The next day, La Soleil started gaining publicity. Kashou was busy in the kitchen cooking more desserts. Chocola and Vanilla occasionally come in to pass on reports to him. As he watches the two work hard, he started showing respect for them as they help out serving to the customers. At break, he treats the two girls with a special cheesecake specially made by himself. They happily dined in and Kashou casually watches them indulges themselves. After having their dessert, Kashou asks in return that they must work hard to earn their bells.

At break time, Shigure visits the shop and starts her independent catgirl training routine for Chocola and Vanilla. She brings in Azuki and Coconut to test their independence in front of everyone, but both of them fail to show proper etiquette, much to Kashou's disappointment. So Shigure brings in Maple and Cinnamon to have them tutor Chocola and Vanilla. While the catgirls are left to studying, Kashou and Shigure have a moment to indulge themselves with each other while the catgirls are tutoring. He was briefed on educating catgirls up to Elementary education level, promoting his shop, and common distractions such as stickers and being asked to praise Shigure's helpfulness.

At night, Chocola and Vanilla come up to Kashou to have him test their ability to become independent catgirls. So Kashou then gives them a few tests learned from Shigure's notes, but none of them was able to pass, much to Kashou's disappointment. He then wondered how would they be able to become independent at their current rate. In spite of the setbacks, Chocola and Vanilla were able to get their bells. So Kashou decided to respect the two as the shop's poster catgirls.

The next day, Kashou notices supplies are running out and so he went out to shop for more. Chocola and Vanilla tag along with him. As they walk through town, they take a rest at the Park. Vanilla briefly leaves the two to buy some drinks. While they wait for her, Kashou and Chocola take a seat, where they reminisced the day before Chocola and Vanilla moved in. Kashou wondered what would happen if he lived alone. Chocola remarks it's all in the past now and that she is now with Kashou. But she tells him that she'll always be there for him. Moved by her words, he returns his feelings to Chocola in the same manner. Chocola was flustered by his response and becomes nervous. As Kashou tries to figure out what's wrong with her, Vanilla returns and inadvertently interrupts the mood.

After returning to the bakery, Kashou continues his usual rounds. But suddenly, Chocola comes up to him from behind and started caressing on him. Kashou became confused and tries calling out to her. When she came to her senses, Kashou tries asking if she is feeling fine, but she assures she's fine and leaves the situation. Though uncertain, Kashou decided to leave it as it is and continues where he left off. A few minutes later, Chocola comes in again. But absentmindedly forgot what she was supposed to do. Thinking there's something wrong with her, Kashou tries checking if she has a fever. Chocola blushes upon feeling Kashou up close, then clings on to Kashou again in the same manner, but later came to her senses again. Vanilla walks in, reminding of the mille-feuille stocks. Chocola regained her cool and went to fetch more mille-feuille. Confused as ever, Kashou tries to ask Vanilla about Chocola's recent behaviour. But Vanilla neither does know about Chocola's condition. So, Kashou ordered Vanilla to take Chocola up to her room. Vanilla acknowledges and carries Chocola away from the kitchen.

The following night, Kashou comes in to check in with Chocola. He tells her that he considers taking her to the clinic, but Chocola tries to query the bakery's situation. Not wanting to change the subject, Kashou tries to help her up himself but Chocola starts to feel aroused once again. Vanilla enters, Then, she discovers that Chocola is in heat. Kashou recalls that she meant "mating season," a topic that he overlooked while studying about catgirls. Chocola said to him that she felt infatuated after receiving praise from him back at the park. Kashou became unsure what to do next after seeing Chocola in her current state. Vanilla asked if he loves Chocola. Then Chocola confessed to him that he loves him with all her heart. Kashou returned her feelings, confessing that he also loves her too.

Then Kashou and Chocola then engaged in intercourse.

After that, Chocola and Vanilla fell asleep peacefully. As Kashou watches them sleep soundly, he feels there is much to know about the catgirls.

The next day, Kashou is doing his usual rounds at La Soleil. Chocola goes off to make a delivery, even giving him a kiss on the cheek (much to his embarrassment). Eventually, he gets into a flustered conversation with the women in the shop about his relationship with Chocola. Later in the kitchen, Vanilla confronts Kashou and points out to his interaction with the women customers and the night before with Chocola. Kashou thinks that she might be jealous, but she casually denies it. The day after that, Kashou sends Chocola off to another delivery, while he asks Vanilla to help him out in the kitchen, where he teaches her how to bake a cake in the basics of baking. At the same time, he tries to increase his relationship with her to mending her distrust towards him. But suddenly, Vanilla started to caress him. He was confused, but Vanilla persuaded him to think it was a "Flehmen response."

That night, Kashou is moderating the cleanup work in the bakery. But suddenly, Vanilla latches onto his back and began sniffing and smelling his body. By the time she came to her senses, Kashou began to assume she might be in heat to her but she leaves before he could finish his assumption. Later in the kitchen, he sees off Chocola working diligently as ever. Seeing Vanilla coming in, he tries asserting her condition but says she's fine. However, she suddenly latches onto Kashou again. After she came to her senses, Kashou comes to an understanding she's actually in heat, but Vanilla frantically keeps denying it. The two of them ended up arguing each other in the process.

Just then, Kashou sees Chocola walk in, who watches her arousing Vanilla as he stands there looking stunned. Now confirming that Vanilla is really in heat, Kashou asks her about it and she hesitantly says yes. Then Kashou tries to reassure her that he is his precious catgirl and will do anything to make her feel better.

So he had to be intimate with Vanilla, in order to relieve her of her heat.

The following night, Kashou, Chocola, and Vanilla sleep together in his room. As the girls sleep, Kashou began thinking of his relationship between Chocola and Vanilla. In the end, he cares for them deeply than he could ever.

The next day, Kashou and Shigure, who decided to visit him, have a lively conversation. She was informed about Chocola and Vanilla's season and health risks. She replied to him that it isn't possible for a catgirl to become ill from being in heat. She said that the other catgirls are exercising out the heat. Kashou then learned Shigure was the one who lied about the heat being dangerous to Chocola and Vanilla, just so that Kashou can do it with them and make them his catpanions. He then has a brief recollection of his past with his sister as they playfully tease each other. But Kashou can see how great a sister she has become.

Later, Kashou, Chocola, and Vanilla visit the amusement park to have a date. They rode roller coasters, take pictures, and visit the aquarium. The girls worry about the store since Kashou closed it for the day; he explained he just want to leave the store aside just for the enjoyment for the girls.

Returning home later night, Kashou prepares the bath for the girls and discover them sleeping. They later wake up, apologizing for napping before him, and thank him for the date at the amusement park. Immediately after, the girls begin to express their affection towards Kashou. Kashou assumes the girls are in heat again but they explain that they want to do it with him simply because it seems natural after a date, so Kashou complies.

Kashou, Chocola and Vanilla began intimacy altogether, throughout the night and ending at midnight.

Later, Kashou suddenly fell ill from overwork. Shigure came to Kashou to care for his health. She tries to convince him to get some rest. He declined at first but decided it's for his own good. Satisfied, Shigure then leaves him in the care of Chocola and Vanilla and leaves the shop. Although sick, Kashou remains content under his condition. Chocola and Vanilla began to worry as they are unable to understand how to cope with his predicament, but Kashou assures it won't be a problem for him. Seeing how always remained attached to him, he understands the two will always remain beside him.

The following night, Kashou's condition becomes worse. He is bedridden and unable to move. As continued resting, he briefly wakes up and discovers Chocola and Vanilla are gone, and that they've left their bells behind. Surprised they've left without their bells and fearing for their safety, he rushes out the house to find the girls. He manages to find them with a policewoman, at the closed drug store. Relieved to see them and handed them their bells and cleared it up with the policewoman. Chocola and Vanilla said they were worried about his condition and that they wanted to help him. They burst into tears, feeling sorry for worrying him, though Kashou apologizes to them himself as he understood they were trying to help him, relieving the catgirls with happiness again.

With the three united, the group head back home for the night...

As another day of La Soleil arrived, Kashou finally feels better. As he arrives at the main floor, Kashou becomes surprised: His entire family catgirls and Shigure are here in La Soleil uniforms. As everyone sees Kashou, Shigure explains after his sick day, she concludes that she thinks he can't keep up managing the shop all by himself and with Chocola and Vanilla. So, she thought of bringing in all the entire family catgirls to work alongside with Kashou and the bakery. All the catgirls quickly agree with Shigure as they can enjoy the benefits working at the bakery. Though Kashou is reluctant everyone is here, but for a good reason, he decided to accept them all as their new staff of La Soleil...

Nekopara Vol. 0 Edit

Kashou has a minor role in Nekopara Vol. 0. During the morning, he left the house early for his usual rounds. He later returned home at mid-afternoon.

Nekopara Vol. 2 Edit

Not too long after La Soleil became a "Cat's Paradise," business has been booming since much to his surprise. Though now his family of catgirls including his sister are now aboard, he continues his usual rounds of baking more desserts for his bakery stocks. Still, he acknowledges now that the shop became popular, thanks to everyone.

One day at Kashou's break, he notices Coconut at her break that she is feeling down due to her encounter with Azuki. He tries to liven her up but notices she's low on confidence. To resolve her worries, he invites to go out with her on a delivery with Chocola, Vanilla, and himself involved. As he tries to have a common talk with her, she seems to just only agree with everything he says much to his own disbelief. The group then encounter a familiar face along the way: the Takoyaki seller cat, Milk. A cheerful young catgirl who seems excited to meet Chocola and Vanilla again. She then sees Coconut, who is also excited to meet her. As the four catgirls chat on, he sees Coconut gaining more confidence to his delight. Just then, Milk sees her master return and she delightfully approaches over to her, but Kashou notices she's accidentally jaywalking and is about to get hit by a car. But to his surprise, Coconut saves her and seems more confident than she was before. At first, he was upset at her for risking herself, but based on her actions he makes her feel proud for saving someone. As a result of saving Milk, the owner treats everyone with free Takoyaki.

By the time the four returned to the Bakery, Shigure was looking displeased at everyone for arriving late afternoon. The catgirls tried making excuses, but Azuki scolds them as well. The catgirls apologize then run off. Kashou apologizes to Shigure for being late and Shigure understands his reason. But then she asked for a kiss from him as further proof of apology. Without second thoughts, Kashou gives her a light kiss on the cheek, leaving her extremely embarrassed.

After tending to Shigure's mess, Kashou goes into the kitchen and sees Azuki there. As he tries talking to her, she became silent for a brief moment, but she wants to say "thanks" for looking after Coconut. She said to him that she felt concerned for Coconut after her fight with her earlier that day. But after his delivery job with her, she can see Coconut being more clear headed and wanted to express Kashou her gratitude. This led Kashou to believe Azuki does actually care for Coconut after all.

The following night, Chocola and Vanilla come up to Kashou and remarks that he has been paying more attention to the other catgirls more than the two. So, they ask that in return he give the two more attention as well. Seeing that they have a point, Kashou agrees to give them more attention. The catgirls fall asleep shortly after and Kashou decided to go take a bath. As he indulges to himself, Chocola and Vanilla come up to him, asking they like to take a bath with him. Though before Kashou had anything to say, the catgirls let themselves inside anyway.

Then shortly after, the group engaged in a threesome.

And after making out, the three fell asleep together once more.

The next day, Shigure comes in to inform him that Chocola and Vanilla need to retake their bell exam to have their bells renewed. So Chocola and Vanilla accompany her and leaves Kashou alone managing the shop along with Coconut, Azuki, Cinnamon, and Maple. Later, Kashou and Azuki converse with each other in the kitchen as business becomes slow at the moment. She expresses the burden of handling her catgirl sisters and she also further her concerns for Coconut.

Night falls. With everyone gone, Kashou performs a shop inventory and asset check then plans his next move. But then, Coconut comes in, much to his surprise, Coconut comes up to him and cordially requests some 'special training' with him. She wants to know if there is 'anything' she can do or improve in the shop and begs him to train her. Having nothing else to do at the moment, Kashou decided to give Coconut some waitstaff training. But during training, Coconut didn't seem to learn or improve anything at all, furthering her pessimism. Kashou decided to take her upstairs in order to calm her down.

Kashou treats Coconut with a large feast, letting Coconut indulge with Kashou's great cooking. Kashou then notices her change in behaviour recently and he decides to ask what's up. Coconut says that she is no longer a little girl and that she wants to prove that she can handle by herself. She wants to aim to learn new things as soon as possible but knows she could never accomplish because she feels very useless as she is now. But Kashou reassures her, saying that she doesn't need to be perfect to keep up with everyone. He tells her to just be herself and do the best she can in her own unique way. Feeling lightened from his words, Coconut thanks him for believing in her.

Back to training, Coconut is able to make progress much to her delight. She later looks up to Kashou that she sees him more as an 'older brother' to him. She asks if she could call him her "big brother," since she feels so highly how she looks up to him. Kashou doesn't mind and allow her to refer to him as "big brother." The two later discovers it's midnight and Kashou offers Coconut if she likes to stay over. She accepts.

Kashou gets a call from Shigure, updating on the progress with Chocola and Vanilla's bell exams. They won't be returning tomorrow but will keep him posted then hangs up. Kashou later gets a call from Azuki. She wants to check on how Coconut is doing over to him. He replies that she's doing fine and Azuki is glad to hear. After the phone, Coconut comes out of the shower and Kashou decides to dry her hair up for the night. Before Coconut goes to bed, she expresses her gratitude to Kashou for everything she's done for her.

The following morning, Kashou oversees Coconut's progress after her nightly training. As expected, she makes an outstanding progress, impressing Cinnamon and Maple, but Azuki casually respects her only. Later, Azuki comes up to him that she's going on break. Before she leaves, Kashou wants to ask her how she feels about Coconut. She replies that while she respects her recent developments, she still thinks of her as troublesome due to her constant arguments and fights with her. But she concludes it can be tough being the elder sister among all the catgirls in the family.

After another day at the bakery, Kashou leaves the after hours to the girls while he brings Azuki with him, to her slight dismay. He takes her to a dress shop where she wears a rental dress and treats her to a luxurious restaurant on top of the Yokohama skyscraper. As she never imagined she would be eating at a deluxe restaurant, Kashou says he took her here as a means to let her relax once in a while, but as a way of thanks for taking care of the shop. Azuki appreciates it sarcastically, though she acknowledges how Kashou wanted to show how he feels for her.

The two return to the store, after their date at the restaurant. Azuki still intends to look after her sister, especially Coconut the most, as she remains her normal self. But then, the two see Coconut at the store, previously unaware of her presence. Hearing everything that the two said, she believes they don't respect her at all. Azuki tries making her hear herself out but Coconut starts fuming and started to believe Kashou might be lying about her. As Kashou tries talking her out of it, Azuki slaps her in frustration.

Coconut runs out of the store crying as Kashou stands there just watching. He turns to Azuki, slightly chastising her just the way how she acted. She feels only slight regrets but understood her action. So the two decided to look for Coconut.

Searching in the night, Kashou quickly finds Coconut in the park staring into the distance. Kashou consoles by standing beside her. Coconut told him that despite her perseverance she began to believe that she'll never improve the way she is now and hearing what Kashou said about her also broke her heart. To comfort her, Kashou directly hugs Coconut. He tells her, that everybody has their flaws, including the girls, and even himself. Coconut started to calm down. Then he asks if she dislikes them all because of those flaws and asks if she hates Azuki because she always fights with her. Coconut replied she doesn't really hate her because she is a family to her. With Coconut now seeking to make amends with Azuki, Kashou then shows Azuki behind him, whom she watched and heard through the whole conversation. Kashou then watches the two hugging each other now that they've made amends. Afterwards, he offers the two to stay at the bakery now that it's already midnight. The following morning, Chocola, Vanilla, and Shigure return to the bakery after the catgirls finally completed their bell re-examinations. Kashou welcomes them back, along with Cinnamon and Maple. As for Coconut and Azuki, they continue fighting against each other as usual, to Kashou's expectancy.

Business in La Soleil continues as Kashou and the girls continue their work routines. Kashou and Azuki in the kitchen see Coconut taking her time working, but Azuki is still not impressed with her current progress so far. In the meantime, Kashou makes a suggestion to Azuki she should help him bake a cake with him since she is free at the moment. Reluctantly, Azuki casually accepts to help him out in any way she can. Then Coconut comes in, seeing the two going to bake a cake. She offers her help in the matter, so Kashou accepts her help. In result, Coconut horribly fails to make a proper cake. In Azuki's pity, she decides to help her fix it. In a matter of minutes, she fixes her mistake into a splendid cake. It was much to Kashou's surprise, as he never thought she has the decent skills of baking.

Kashou decides to demonstrate the two on how to bake a cake. He starts composing the basic ingredients while Azuki and Coconut watch carefully. After finishing the raw batter and leaving it heating in the oven, he gives Azuki a shot to make a cake herself. Azuki steps up to start off cracking an egg. But seeing her method, Kashou personally steps in to help her. Heeding his advice, Azuki properly cracks the egg into the bowl. Kashou praised her effort, which left her nervous.

Chocola and Vanilla were later seen staring at everyone, noting Azuki and Coconut's relationship with Kashou, much to their embarrassment. Then the two come up with an idea of making the two his 'catpanion' with him since they both like him. Azuki outward refuses to hook up with him, while Coconut concerns the fact the two catgirls are already his catpanions. Though, the two are now in a conundrum with their attitudes toward Kashou. Seeing how the two really feel about him, Chocola and Vanilla highly support their own suggestion to make the two Kashou's catpanions, much to two catgirls' flattery.

At night, Chocola and Vanilla ask Kashou if he'd like to buy a present for them. He agrees to as a celebration of their bell renewals. So the two browse the internet for something to buy but are given warnings by Kashou not to buy anything very expensive. As the two browse, Shigure, who is currently visiting, notes to Kashou that Azuki and Coconut have gotten more attached to him while she, Chocola and Vanilla were away. She thought of a suggestion of bringing the two together with him, since they both like him either way, though Kashou goes along with it as a normal conversation much to his embarrassment.

The next day, Kashou works with Coconut in the kitchen. Seeing how she's working hard lately and how she's growing up, he inadvertently starts having feelings for her but tries dissuading it. But then she starts wanting to snuggle with Kashou. Chocola comes in, seeing Coconut being petted by Kashou and joins in to be petted by him. Then, Chocola stops the situation to get a good look at Coconut and Kashou. In her conclusion, she believes Kashou has been eyeing on Coconut the whole time. This leaves him speechless as he tries dismissing it, while Coconut stutters how absurd it looks. But no matter how Kashou thinks, he can't take his eyes off her. Chocola starts believing the two are getting aroused, but Kashou shuts her up and tries getting Coconut to focus on their work.

La Soleil closes for the night and Vanilla reports in. Before she goes off, she asks Kashou about Coconut acting out of the ordinary today. Thinking she might be referring to that time he was staring at Coconut, Kashou attempts to brush it aside. This leads Vanilla into becoming suspicious, but off-topic she decides to leave so suddenly. After she left, Kashou now can't stop thinking about Coconut in his head, but he tries his best to forget it. Chocola then comes in checking up on Kashou. She tells him that she has been feeling frustrated because he has not been paying more attention to her since she's his catpanion. She then starts making advances towards him and they orally kiss each other. Kashou and Chocola both indulge in the moment.

Then, Coconut comes in and sees Kashou and Chocola in a lewd situation. She nervously apologizes and tries leaving, but Kashou subconsciously stops her from leaving. In the moment, Kashou is left speechless on what to do next and Coconut replies flustered she has never seen such a situation before and she says she's been feeling weird just by looking at it. As Kashou hears her out, it made himself more aroused as he can no longer contain himself for her. Then Chocola hugs her from behind, intentionally arousing her further by pointing out she really is into Kashou. Giving in, Coconut said that she was concerned when Kashou was staring at her previously afternoon and that she wanted to ask him about it. Kashou confessed that insisted himself that he tried not to look at her that way, but couldn't stop thinking about her.

So Kashou tried invited her to have sex with him, and Coconut nervously agrees. Then they get it together.

In the aftermath, Kashou and Coconut sleeps together. Since Coconut is now Kashou's catpanion, she worries about Chocola and Vanilla since she feels like she's cutting in between them. But Kashou assures he'll be fine with her since he also loves her along with Chocola and Vanilla.

The following morning, Kashou comes in and discovers Shigure feeling delighted and Coconut embarrassed. Kashou believes she might have already known he and Coconut's intimacy last night and her catpanion status. Coconut insisted that she tried to keep it all to herself, but Shigure replies that she would be aware Coconut would go for it and become Kashou's catpanion all along. Coconut apologizes for not being able to keep it a secret, but Kashou assures her to not regret it.

Starting a new day at the bakery, Kashou, Vanilla, and Azuki are working together in the kitchen. Kashou and Vanilla are having a conversation, while Azuki is somewhat feeling out but is working harder than she was before. While putting glazes on the pie, Kashou comes up to assist Azuki again, but slightly panics. Kashou now becomes concerned over Azuki's strange behaviour, but Azuki tries to dismiss it. But then, Vanilla comes up to her and points out her tail is pointed up. Azuki becomes surprised and embarrasses herself, scolding Vanilla in her excuse. After her fill of teasing Azuki, Vanilla nonchalantly leaves the kitchen.

At sunset, Azuki makes some custard for cream puffs. But suddenly, she accidentally knocks down the bowl of custard. Kashou catches the bowl, only for it to spill all over her. She berates herself for being careless, but Kashou tries calming her down. So Kashou starts licking off the custard off his hands and feels delighted over the flavour made by her. He looks to Azuki but notices she's not acting like her usual self. Though he wondered about it, he offered Azuki to try some of the custard. She hesitantly nodded, but then she started to lick the custard off him in a suggestive manner. Then she comes to her senses, immediately backing away from him. Kashou said he thought she'd use a spoon for it, but was surprised she'd lick off his hands. Realizing she misunderstood him, Azuki ridicules herself in a corner, then utterly blames Kashou, much to his chagrin.

Kashou directs Azuki to go upstairs in order to calm her down. After the cafe closes for the night, Kashou goes to his room and finds Azuki in his bed, sleeping. When she wakes up, she finds Kashou and checks for the time and discovers it's already midnight. Kashou comforts her, telling that she must have been working hard and that she needed that deserved break from before. Azuki replied that she knew that when last night with him, Coconut and Chocola. She said that she was there that moment happened, and she felt flustered upon discovering that. This leaves Azuki embarrassed to Kashou as she confessed upon discovering that situation. But tries to make him not worry about her.

Vanilla comes into the room to check up on the two. She then starts to ask if Azuki's okay, but then Kashou discovers there is a devious look on Vanilla's face, only to be forced to observe Vanilla intentionally arousing Azuki to the point of ecstasy.

Azuki hesitantly confesses that she loves him, and is jealous that Chocola, Vanilla, and Coconut are close to him. In her pleading voice, she cordially requested that he do the same like he did to Coconut. Seeing how much she feels for her, Kashou returned his feelings.

Kashou and Azuki later sleep together. Azuki became surprised that she actually had sex with him; she sarcastically tries to deny it. But deep inside her, she admits that she loves Kashou on the inside. Kashou says that he loves her too because she is an honest and kind catgirl under her blunt attitude.

The following morning. Shigure immediately discovers that Azuki did, in fact, became Kashou's catpanion and she becomes exhilarated. Kashou tries calming down her excitement, though Azuki says it's useless to reason with her whenever she becomes excited. Kashou thought to himself that he was surprised this had already happened two times in a row.

So Kashou and the girls prepare for another day at La Soleil, as he nonchalantly goes along with the so-called "Neko Paradise"...

Trivia Edit

  • Kashou's name is a pun on the Cashew nut.
  • Kashou is the only character to not have voice acting.
    • This feature is basically standard in visual novels, as the games were meant to simulate the player/reader as the protagonist.