Sunny Paradise (タイヨウパラダイス Taiyou Paradaisu?) is the opening song for Nekopara Vol. 1. It was sung by nao, the lyrics were made by: 雪仁 (Yukihito) and the song was composed by: 水城新人 (Midzuki Niito)


Bokura no omoi ga afurete
Yasashii merodi kanadeta

Amai koucha ni sasowareta
Yasashisa wo nijimaseta hizashi no makia-to
Amai ke-ki mitai na komorebi ni
Tobikiri no dorippu de kakushi aji wo nosete

Kimama na kaze doa tatai tara
Te wo nobashite mite yo bokura no taiyou ga

Utau nagareboshi kakenuketa aozora no mukou
Ima dake no kono shunkan kimi to mitsumetetai
Mirai yosou zu ni egaiteta ookina michi wo
Ima koko de aruite ku ano taiyou made

Bokura no omoi ga afurete
Yasashii merodi kanadeta

Kokoro no oku ni ukabu ratea-to
Ima mo mada atatakai ha-to wo wasurenai

Nando demo doachaimu naru tabi
Egao de mitasareta bokura no taiyou ga warau

Atarashii sora no iro kokoro utsushiteta
Itsumademo kono kiseki no tsudzuki mitsudzuketai
Mirai yosou zu ni wa nakatta ookina yume wo
Meippai tsumekonda mabushii taiyou no naka

Ah asai nemuri ni yurareteta
Odayakana yobu koe bokura wo dakiagete

Nagareboshi miagete kazoeta shiawase no kiseki
Jiyuu ni sora toberunda boku ni oshieteta ne

Mirai yosou zu ni egaiteta ookina niji wo
Ima koko de watatteku koko taiyou made

Bokura no omoi ga afurete
Yasashii merodi kanadeta

Itsudemo kono sora kagayaku
Bokutachi ga egaku taiyou


気ままな風 ドア叩いたら
手を伸ばしてみてよ 僕らの太陽が歌う

今だけのこの瞬間 キミと見つめてたい
今ここで歩いてく あの太陽まで




新しい空の色 心映してた
めいっぱい詰め込んだ 眩しい太陽の中

Ah 浅い眠りに揺られてた
穏やかな呼ぶ声 僕らを抱き上げて

流れ星見上げて数えた 幸せの奇跡

今ここで渡ってく ここ太陽まで



Our feelings were overflowing,
They made a gentle melody

Drawn by the sweet black tea,
The sun shone on the macchiato with a tinge of warmth
The sunlight filtering through the leaves was like a sweet cake
We added a subtle flavor to our special drip brew

If the wind freely knocks on the door,
Try and reach out your hand, and our sun will sing

The shooting stars were flying past beyond the blue sky
I want us to gaze at each other for this moment that lasts only now
Now we will walk down the huge path we drew in our plans for future,
Until we reach that sun

Our feelings were overflowing,
They made a gentle melody

Deep within my heart there surfaced an image of latte art
Even now, I haven't forgotten that warm heart

No matter how many times the door chime rings,
Each time our faces would be filled with happiness and our sun would smile

The new colours of the sky were reflecting off my heart
I want to continue watching this miracle unfold forever
We packed as many huge dreams as we could into our plans for the future,
While we were in the dazzling sun

Ah, I've been hit by a bit of sleepiness
A calm voice calls out and embraces us

I looked up at the shooting stars and counted them; it was a joyful miracle
"You can fly freely in the sky." That's what you taught me, right?

Now we will cross the huge rainbow we drew in our plans for the future,
Until we reach this sun

Our feelings were overflowing,
They made a gentle melody

This sky will always shine,
With the sun that we drew


Neko Para Vol

Neko Para Vol.1 Opening Theme Song (HD)

Trivia Edit

  • The background music throughout all the games are entirely Sunny Paradise, but remixed into various tones and tempo.
  • Sunny Paradise is also used as the theme for the in-universe children's show Neko*Witches.
    • The song is sung twice as the Neko*Witches opening in Vol. 3. Once in a video of Cinnamon and Maple singing the song in cosplay as kittens, and again during a Neko*Witches show at the amusement park.
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