• I live in The Philippines
  • My occupation is An Associate Software Engineer
  • I am Male



About Me

Well, I'm a 21 year old Associate Software Engineer that basically doesn't like to code. Yeah, I don't enjoy coding but it's mandatory for me so I really don't have much of no choice. I have basic to advance knowledge of Java Programming, Android Programming, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS while minimal expertise when it regards to C# and 

PS: BTW, I'm not really that active on all my accounts anymore due to work but this doesn't mean I'm dead. LOL

What I do?

Well, I play the violin occasionally, not quite as often as I used to… But I love to create rap covers of ERB, make parodies of their videos, sometimes drawing fanart and most importantly playing video games. I usually play RTS [like Command and Conquer, Company of Heroes and Clash of Clans], FPS [like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor], RPG-story themed games [like Monster Girl Quest] and many more. Here’s a screenshot of my desktop for a full overview of what games I love to play: (Coming Soon)

What programs do I use to create my stuff?

I use Sony Vegas Pro 11 to edit my videos, Adobe Audition 3 and CS5.5 to edit my audio, Adobe Photoshop to draw/edit my fanart and lastly, Adobe After Effects to apply extra video effects. Oh, I also contribute in wikias using Google Chrome.

My Internet Life

I started editing in wikias as ealy as 2010. I was an admin in some of them. My previous aliases were as follows:

  • In The Fairly Odd Parents Wiki [admin status]
Formerly known as Cosmowandaforever
  • In The Rio Wiki [admin status]
Formerly known as BluJewelForever
  • The Looney Tunes Show Wiki [roll back user]
Formerly known as LooneyTunesXtreme
  • 101 Dalmatians Wiki [daily contributor]
Formerly known as 101DalmatiansWiki
You can know more about my past aliases by visiting the links above or in the ranking table below.

I was a big fan of these franchises back then but as time passed; my interest slowly deteriorated thus leading to my abandonment. I was also doing fanart , youtube videos and participating in forums related to this franchises, the same pattern like I’m basically doing now. The only thing different is that my YouTube account was way more successful than all of my previous ones combined and the most recent fandoms I’ve been into seemed to remain interesting. I’m not going to tell much about these recent fandoms so I provided a table [that's still under construction] below listing the most important details about them like why did I like about it and such…

1 - Hellish Hot (Highest)
10 - Freezing (Lowest)
NIA - Abandoned
N/A - Not Applicable

NOTE: Currently in progress

Title Rank Fan Since Remark Why I got “in” to it Why I abandoned it Sample Fan Work
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2nd 2013 Isn’t that a show meant for girls? The Ponies... Resistance is futile. N/A ERBOP
Hotel Transylvania 3rd (TIED) June 2016 Cartoons again? Seriously? It's so entertaining and funny, plus I'm SO into the relationship of Dennis and Winnie N/A TBA
Star vs The Forces of Evil 3rd (TIED) Late 2015 Aren't you a little old watching cartoons? Star. She is eccentric in a good way. I like her character. And the entire series is superb N/A Star YTP
Sonic X 7th 2014 That show's a little old eh? Series is not so bad... N/A ERCOH
101 Dalmatians NIA May 2012 N/A N/A Eventually lost my interest N/A
The Looney Tunes Show NIA Nov 2011 N/A N/A Got tired of it N/A
Pokemon 6th Nov 2012 Isn’t it obvious? You can tell by just looking at my avatar N/A Snivy Music Video
Monster Girl Quest 5th Mid 2015 I'm after the story... and "other stuff" apparently... The plot is very interesting and the R-18 scenes add more spice to it. N/A TBA
Rio NIA July 2011 N/A N/A Got tired of it N/A
Nekopara 1st Late 2015 Intriguing and interesting story Great Story. Great Art and Visuals. Great character development. Great Music. Cat girls everywhere!!! Can't wait for vol. 2. N/A TBA
Monster Musume 4th Mid 2015 Good classic combination of comedy and sexiness TBA N/A TBA
Epic Rap Battles of History Cannot be ranked 2013 BEGIN!!! What else is there to say? They're really EPIC!!! N/A Rap Cover
The Fairly Odd Parents NIA 2010 N/A N/A Show's getting too predictable and it's quality is slowly degrading N/A
R34 MLP, Furry Sh*t and the like Cannot be ranked As long as I can remember N/A Do I even need to explain? N/A N/A
Green Day Cannot be ranked 2012 They ROCK!!! TBA N/A TBA
Scorpions(Band) Cannot be ranked 2010? They ROCK too!!! TBA N/A TBA
Spongebob Squarepants Cannot be ranked 2008 HAHAHAHA It's practically always filled with hilarious nautical nonsense N/A TBA
WWE Cannot be ranked 2014 I know it's scripted, but it's still entertaining It's just THAT thrilling & entertaining N/A TBA

So anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll provide my knowledge [and other resources] to [some] of these fandoms to help my fellow fans. Also, this will be a way of showing my “loyalty” and how much I love these fandoms.

And BTW, I also got other social media accounts like YouTube, Tumblr, DevianArt where I post some of my fanwork. Feel free to visit them. I provided the links below. Well, see ya around. 

One last thing

So why haven't I joined a wikia when I was into my first recent fandom? Well, I was kinda lazy... hehe


What makes this game stand out is its clever story, great voicing, great character development, great visuals and music, pretty much everything about it is outstanding. (Don't forget the bonus r-18 content! Tee-hee) The main two duo, namely Chocola and Vanilla, also stroke in for the kill. Can't wait for vol. 2!!!

Other Profiles

Check out my other accounts:
Snivinerior @ DeviantArt
Snivinerior @ Tumblr
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Snivinerior @ GameTracker

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